Foundations of Trigonometry



The materials here are designed to help students gain a solid foundation in what trigonometry is all about. Among the nuts and bolts of the topic (how the trigonometric functions are defined, what opposite and adjacent mean), we want them to understand that if they see sin(a) = 3/5, that the opposite side of the angle is 3 (units long), the hypotenuse is 5 (units), and the adjacent side must then be 4 (units).

With a solid understanding at the onset of this branch of mathematics, students will have something upon which to build.

When you download this product what you’ll receive is a zipped folder. Inside the folder will be the following.

  1. Welcome Document to guide you through the materials
  2. Notes for student reference and teacher review
  3. A highly animated, high quality PowerPoint presentation
  4. A quality homework assignment
  5. Links to two videos that review the HW assignment
  6. A link to a video that covers the material as presented with this product (for absent students or use during school closures)


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