Exponents Complete Packet

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Exponents Packet

Exponents are often taught, and understood, procedurally.  The materials you’ll find in this packet are designed, through great pains and lots of trial and error, to offer an alternative approach.  There are no tricks or gimmicks, but it is very student friendly. 

The approach is referenced to the mathematical facts about notation, repeated multiplication, and patterns we find in exponents.  It is all uncovered in a guided discovery-like approach.  That means it is not a top-down, dissemination of facts and procedures.  The role of students is much larger here.

Students will have to make, record, challenge, and revise observations.

The assessments are different, too.  They’re not purely procedural.  A student with only a procedural ability can get a passing grade, but to excel and get a high grade, students need to know and be able to apply the concepts at play. 

So, if you’re up for the challenge, let’s get to it!

In this packet you will find:

  • A series of lessons (PowerPoints)
  • Lesson Guides that help you pace and understand the purpose of each slide
  • Homework Assignments and Practice Problems
  • Student Resources (notes)
  • Assessments with grading key and grading rubric
  • A Teacher Document that contains reference materials, teaching tips, and answer keys.
  • An organized list of videos, some for students, some for teachers.
  • A Flipped Classroom Guide.

Here’s a video guide of what you get with the packet:



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