Trinomial Functions in Quadratic Form

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This bundle contains everything you need to help students learn this tricky topic.  The materials should take about 1 week to complete.  In the end, students should have access to quality reference materials, videos, lessons, practice problems, review of those problems, and an assessment.  The end goal is that students will be able to identify and factor trinomial functions in quadratic form, as well as find the real x – intercepts of trinomials in quadratic form by factoring and substitution.

With the addition of videos and a quiz in Google Forms (a paper, open response copy is included as well), this unit is ready to roll out in a virtual classroom!

Here’s how the materials can be used in a virtual classroom.

  1. Assign the notes introducing factoring trinomials in quadratic form to students.
    1. Have them annotate their own thinking, including questions, observations, and predictions.
    2. Have students work out the example problems in their own notes for practice.
  2. Through a video conference present the PowerPoint lesson.
    1. Alternate: Assign the video (linked) for students to watch.
  3. Assign the first homework.
  4. Grade and review
    1. Either together in a video conference, or
    2. Have students grade their own with the key and report to you one of the following two things:
      1. What was confusing that I now understand
      2. What is still confusing
  5. Repeat this process for the extension, solving trinomials in quadratic form.
  6. Assign the Google forms quiz
    1. Students get immediate feedback regarding their score
    2. Questions have explanations and remediation sources linked for student review.

The Google Quiz is written in a way to try and eliminate as much cheating as possible.  There are options that are exact answers, answers that are not listed (and students can select that option), but later in the quiz the function is re-used, and the exact answers are required to answer further questions.

When submitting the quiz, students get immediate feedback regarding their score as well as remediation information and explanations of questions.

It is my sincere hope that these materials will help your students learn and will also save you time in preparation work.  If you find the materials lacking, or find a mistake, please let me know via email (

Thank you,


Philip Brown


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