On this page you will find what you need to develop a solid foundation, conceptually, with mathematical literacy, and a fluid procedural approach, to Algebra.  This will serve you well throughout your academic futures.

Algebra roughly translates to mean, “To find resolution through regression.”  That means that Algebra manipulates the linguistic rules of math to find meaning, or resolve questions.

In this unit you will learn the basics of Algebra as a branch of mathematics, which is different than Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus or College Algebra.  Those are all courses that use Algebra.

The goal of this unit is to provide you with a solid foundation so that you can move through those courses smoothly, confidently, and with an understanding of what it is you are doing, not just the ability to do things.  This is a key factor because when you understand your recall is improved (you remember better), and you’re able to apply past knowledge in new ways, making learning new material easier.

If you’re a student, go through the notes on each page, try the practice problems in those notes and use the notes to help provide you with feedback on your understanding.  You can use lessons, which are PowerPoints.  Download them, and run through them.  Then try the assignments and watch the videos.  

If you’re a teacher you can use all of the materials provided in your classroom, free of charge.  The resources on this website are all designed, tested, and revised over time.  They objective is to create quality experiences for students so that they come away with a deep conceptual understanding, the ability to communicate mathematically, all balanced with a procedural proficiency.  

Foundations of Algebra

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